Special Event Insurance Program - Program Description and Details

This program provides General Liability coverage protection for all Spectators of the Policyholder, against claims of bodily injury, property damage and the litigation costs to defend against such claims.
Coverage includes suits arising out of:
• Injury or death of spectators
• Property damage liability
• Incidental medical malpractice
• All activities necessary to conduct of practices and games
• Ownership use or maintenance of fields or practice areas
• General negligence claims
• Cost of investigation and defense of claims, even if groundless
Eligible Events/Activities:
Anniversary Parties
Antique Shows
Art Festivals and Shows
Auto Shows (Vehicles stationary)
Award Presentations
Baby Shower
Ballet or other Classical Dance Shows
Balloon Artists
Bar Mitzvahs/Bar Mitzvahs
Baseball Games and Events - Amateur
Basketball Games and Events - Amateur
Beauty Pageants
Belly Dancer
Bicycling Event - No Racing / Off-road
Bingo Games
Birthday Parties
Block Parties, Street Closures and Street Fairs - Under 5,000 Spectators
Boat Shows (Dry Dock Only)
Body Building Contests
Book Signing
Bowling Tournaments
Boxing, Wrestling, Hockey and Football Games - Amateur
Bridal Showers
Business Meetings and Shows
Camera Shows
Card Games - Blackjack
Card Games - Poker
Card Shows
Caricture Sketching
Carnivals and School Events - No Mechanical Rides
Casino Nights
Casino and Lounge Shows
Chamber of Commerce Events
Charity Benefits, Dances, Auctions, or Sales
Cheerleading Events/Competitions - No Pyramids
Chess Tournament
Choirs - Outdoor
Christmas Tree Lighting
Church Services or Meetings
Civic Club Meetings
Classical Dance Shows
Clowns - No Motorized Vehicles
Comedy Shows
Company or Corporate Retreats
Computer Shows
Concerts - 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's Music
Concerts - Blues Music
Concerts - Celtic Music
Concerts - Chamber Music
Concerts - Classical Music - Indoors
Concerts - Classical Music - Outdoors
Concerts - Country Music
Concerts - Folk Music
Concerts - Funk Music
Concerts - Holiday Music
Concerts - Instrumental
Concerts - Motown
Concerts - Pop Cover Bands
Concerts - Soul Music
Consumer Shows
Conventions - Indoors
Cornfield Mazes
Country Festivals and Fairs - No Rides
Country and Western Events - No Rodeos or Rides
Craft Shows
Dance Competitions
Dance Recital
Debutante Balls
Dog, Cat, Bird & Other Domesticated Animal Shows/Events
Drill Team Exhibitions
Easter Egg Hunt
Educational Exhibitions
Electronics Conventions
Face Painters
Fashion Shows
Festival and Cultural Events - Outdoors
Festival or Cultural Events - Indoors
Film Screenings
Film Showings
Fishing Events
Flower and Garden Shows
Fund Raising Dinner
Funeral Service
Golf Events - Non Professional
Golf Tournament - Daytime
Grad Night
Gymnastic Competitions
Halloween - Costume Contests
Harvest Festivals - No farm Implements or Equipment
Holiday Events & Parties / Gift Exchanges
Home Shows
Ice Skating Shows
Impersonator - Celebrity or Holiday Character
Jam and Jazz Concerts - Indoors
Jam and Jazz Concerts - Outdoors
Jewelery Maker
Job Fairs - Indoors
Job Fairs - Outdoors
Jugglers - No Pyrotechnics
Junior Athletic Games
Karate Meets
Lacrosse Games/Events
Ladies Club Events
Laser Tag - Indoors
Livestock Shows
Magic Show
Marathons (Walking and Running) - attendance 500 and under
Marathons (Walking and Running) - attendance over 500
Mariachi Band
Math Tournament
Meetings - Indoors
Meetings - Outdoors
Menorah Lighting
Mobile Home Shows
Mobile Home/RV Shows - Professionally Managed
Movie Release Party
New Years Party (Private/by invite only)
Old Timer Events
Paddleboarding - Spectator Only
Parades - Under 5,000 Spectators
Picnics - held at grounds without pools or lakes
Play Readings
Poetry Reading
Pool/Billards Tournaments
Professional and Amateur Association Meetings
RV Shows
Reunions - Indoors
Reunions - Outdoors
Rodeo and Roping Events - Amateur
Rowing Events - Spectator Only
Rugby Games/Events
Sailing Events - Spectator Only
School Band Competitions or Events
Scouting Jamborees - No Overnight Camping
Ski Event - Non-Professional
Soap Box Derbies
Soccer Games/Events
Social Receptions - Indoors
Social Receptions - Outdoors
Softball Games/Events
Speaking Engagements
Sporting Events - Non-Professional and Indoors
Store Openings
Story Teller
Surfing Events - Spectator Only
Swimming Events - Spectator Only
Symphony Concerts
Talent Show - No Rap, hip hop, or heavy metal shows
Tap Dancing Contest/Event
Tennis Tournament
Theatrical Stage Performances
Trade Shows - Indoors
Trade Shows - Outdoors
Union Meetings
Vacation Shows
Video Game Contests
Volleyball Games - Amateur
Voter Registration
Wagon / Hayrides
Wake Boarding Events - Spectator Only
Walking / Hiking Tour
Water Skiing Events - Spectator Only
Weddings and Wedding Receptions
Wind Surfing Events - Spectator Only
Wine Tasting
and More...
Typical/Standard Program Limits:
General Aggregate
Per Occurrence
Personal & Advertizing Injury
Products / Completed operations aggregate
Fire Damage (any one fire)
Medical Expenses (any one person)
Occurrence-Form Policy
coverage excluded for claims by athletic participants
This insurance program is written on a master policy basis. Each member is named to the master policy on an individual basis with their own liability limits.
 $1,000,000 Limit available
Optional Additional Coverage(s) (typically available)
Excess Liability Coverage
This coverage can be purchased to effectively increase the the General Liability Per Occurrence / General Aggregate Limits, with the following Per Occurrance / General Aggregate Limit options:
$1,000,000 / $1,000,000
(Total Liability Coverage Amount $2M/$3M)
$2,000,000 / $2,000,000
(Total Liability Coverage Amount $3M/$4M)
$3,000,000 / $3,000,000
(Total Liability Coverage Amount $4M/$5M)
$4,000,000 / $4,000,000
(Total Liability Coverage Amount $5M/$6M)
$5,000,000 / $5,000,000
(Total Liability Coverage Amount $6M/$7M)
Hired and Non Owned Auto Liability Coverage
Provides coverage against claims of bodily injury or property damage due to an accident resulting from the use of an automobile that is either:
Hired: an "auto" the insured has leased, hired, rented or borrowed. This does not include any "auto" the insured has leased, hired, rented or borrowed from any of the insured's "employees", partners (if the insured is a partnership), members (if the insured is a limited liability company) or members of their households.
Non-owned: an "auto" the insured does not own, lease, rent or borrow that is used in connection with the insured's business. This includes "autos" owned by the insured's "employees", partners (if the insured is a partnership), members (if the insured is a limited liability company) or members of their households but only while used in the insured's business or personal affairs.
Optionally Available Coverage:
(Combined Single Limit)
Exact wording may vary per policy.
Liquor Liability
Provides coverage against claims of bodily injury or property damage (including damages for care, loss of services, or loss of support), due to the selling, serving or furnishing of alcoholic beverages.
Optionally Available Coverage:
(Combined Single Limit)
The exact statement of the coverage conditions is policy dependant.
This endorsement limits the insurer's ability to seek restitution from a third party who causes a loss to the insured.
Program Features
Owners of premises and financial sponsors may be named as additional insureds for claims arising out of your operations. There is no additional premium charge or fees for certificates of insurance evidencing this coverage.
Notable Exclusions
Personal and Advertising Injury Liability- Entertainment Industry, Fireworks with Exception for Concussion Effects, Flashpots, Smokepots, and Mosh Pits, Throwing, Kicking, or Projecting of Objects or Persons, Expected or Intended Injury (Assault or Battery), Communicable Diseases, Comparative Advertising (Designated Operations), Medical Payments For Volunteer Workers, Damage To Premises Rented To You for Seven Or Fewer Consecutive Days, Limitation Of Coverage To Designated Events, Athletic or Sports Participants, Coverages C Medical Payments, Aircraft, Auto Or Watercraft, Employment Related Practices, Total Pollution, Limited Fungi or Bacteria Coverage, Punitive Damages Related To A Certified Act Of Terrorism, Sale/Manufacture/Distribution of Athletic Equipment, Amusement Rides & Mechanical Devices, Events with Armed Private Security, Exotic Animals, Fire Arms, Motorized Sporting Events, Abuse and Molestation, Employment Related Practices, Violation of Telephone Consumer Protection Act or CAN-SPAM Act, Unscheduled Activities & Events, Non-Professional Electrical Services, Injury to Performers.
Standard Exclusions Also Apply