Save money, time and worry with our Sports and Event Insurance coverage

If you are looking for Sports Insurance or Event Insurance, can save you money, time and worry. Here's how:

Save money: As leading Sport and Event specialty insurance brokers, knows its business, and will try to get the best possible coverage offered by the various large insurance institutions, for you at the best possible rates. Since we're brokers, you might be able to find comparable insurance at lower cost directly from a large insurance house, but part of our service is to do the leg work of finding and securing for you the most appropriate, most reliable and most reasonably priced insurance coverage. Additionally, since we help insure many people and groups, we can often obtain special rates for you by including you or your group in a group policy coverage plan, where your premiums can be substantially lower.

Save time: We'll save you time by allowing you to get an insurance quote and apply for insurance online, at home or in the office, at your convenience. Filling out an insurance application form generally isn't much fun, and not always easy, but we try our best to simplify and faciliate the process with our online forms. There are other online insurance brokers, and yes, sometimes their online forms are smaller and simpler than ours, but there's good reason why we make our forms as comprehensive as they are. The first and most important reason is that we want to help ensure that you have the opportunity to provide adequate information to obtain coverage, so you're eligibility for coverage won't have to wait for us to obtain additional required information from you. The second reason is that, in some instances, until we receive your application we don't know which insurance company will provide you with the best and most reasonably priced insurance coverage policy. And again, because we don't want your application to be delayed, we try to obtain adequate information in order that we can make that determination from the outset. Finally, should you be applying for insurance coverage from us, we'll do the follow up for you, and help ensure you're legally covered.

Save worry: will help you find the correct and best possible insurance coverage for your sport team, camp, organization, league or club, your recreational or sporting facility, your sporting event, or your special event, at the best possible rates. We'll help you get the insurance coverage that's right for you, and having the appropriate, legally solid coverage will give you the security you need against what otherwise might be disaster. Further, should you need to file a claim, we'll also help you do it, and so you won't be left on your own to deal with a large bureaucratic institution. Get hassle free, worry free coverage from, a company devoted to serving your sporting, event and specialty insurance needs.