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General Liability Protection for on-Site Installations

CODAworx – Art Installation Insurance Program

The CODAworx Commission Artist General Liability Insurance Program is a first of its kind and covers commission artists for certain liability claims which arise out of the installation of commissioned artwork on-site. Protection provides coverage for accidents like slips and falls, destruction of third-party property, and accidents that cause injury to others. The program is backed by a leading international (AA/A+ rated) insurance company. The program was developed with CODAworx and is managed by SSEI – a leading special events insurance program manager.

What is Artist General Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance protects commission artists from the risks of potential lawsuits that could arise from accidents, injuries, illnesses, or damages. Liability insurance is a safety net for you and your business, because no matter how much you are mindful of safety on an art project site, there is no way to tell if or when someone might sue you.

Why Artists Need Liability Insurance Coverage?

There are many risks that happen during the installation of an art project. And as a result, that risk also falls on your client, which is why most commission contracts require liability coverage. Most sophisticated clients (corporate, municipal or other) will require that artists (and often, their sub-contractors) have liability insurance before starting installation at the location.

The client will insist on protection, and you should as well. You never know when a passerby might trip over barrier or section of scaffolding at the site, or what kind of damage would be done if you happened to drop a metal beam from twenty feet overhead.

Risks to other people (third-party persons, aka non-employees) are part of doing business for any contractor working at a client’s location. But when you are an artist, with numerous sub-contractors and elaborate installations, the risk intensifies.

What does the CODAworx Artist General Liability Insurance Program cover?

General liability covers:

Property Damage

Example: You accidentally drop a heavy piece of wood on the fl oor of Company’s lobby.

Bodily Injury

Example: Your ladder falls on a person who is walking past the installation site and leads to a broken leg and missed work.


Example: The paint that you selected for the interior mural is causing your client’s employees to experience dizziness and headaches, which are preventing them from going to work.

In all of these situations, the “other person” (third-party) could very well bring a lawsuit against you or the client.

Liability insurance pays for the costs associated with a third-party lawsuit, such as:

What the CODAworx General Liability Insurance Program doesn’t cover

Liability insurance isn’t a catch all. Your liability insurance may not cover:

When you have general liability insurance, whether you are actually at fault or not, you don’t need to have thousands of dollars on standby to cover the legal defense or outcome of a lawsuit. Liability insurance is a safety net for you and your business!