Why take the risk of inappropriate or no event insurance coverage?
One stop is all it takes to arrange complete coverage for your event. We understand the special event business so you can feel secure knowing that you have comprehensive event insurance coverage.

You can obtain peace of mind by guarding against unexpected occurrences or misfortune.

Experience arranging sporting event insurance, leisure and entertainment insurance has taught us that every project, venue, and performance carries a distinct profile that must be expertly and thoroughly understood if the event organizer is to be properly covered. All our event insurance coverage is tailored with this in mind.

The development of the Liability Program is a direct result of changing legal attitudes toward the responsibilities of those who manage and stage special events. Legal liability is not just limited to special occasion permit holders or event managers. Claims and lawsuits have been brought against service clubs, wedding organizers, universities, private hosts, and those managing community events.
  • The proper amount of insurance coverage (i.e. total expense related to the event)
  • Type of coverage
  • Event Cancellation
  • Weather
  • Contingency
  • Film production liability
  • Exhibitors liability
  • Prize insurance
  • Your planned profitability vs. coverage
  • If your event is weather impacted
  • Good & Bad
  • Good: To have a contingency plan. Bad: Not to have a backup plan.
  • Good: To have fully reviewed your insurance coverage. Bad: To assume you're fully insured.
  • Good: Always disclose all the material facts that are event related. Bad: Hidden facts or false declarations resulting in non-payment of claims.
  • Good: To have a weather observer (meteorologist). Bad: Not having an official could result in non-payment of claims.