Alpine/Downhill Ski & Snowboard School/Club Insurance Program (ASSP)
[ General Liability with Excess Medical Protection ]
Program Description and Details

The ASSP was designed U.S. based Alpine/Downhill Ski & Snowboard Schools and Clubs which provide youth or adult ski or snowboard instruction/training.
The coverage provided in this program includes Participant Liability protection for All Registered Instructors, Coaches, Students and Staff of the Policyholder on a per instructor basis. (We use this method for ease of administration and to eliminate monthly reporting for participants) The liability coverage protects against claims of bodily injury, property damage and the litigation costs to defend against such claims.
This program also includes Excess Accident and Medical Coverage protection for all Registered Instructors and their students while participating in sponsored and supervised insured activities and training.
Insured Activities:
Registered Coaches or Instructors are covered while teaching Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding. We can also cover Inverted Aerials, Big Mountain and Freestyle Programs along with Air Bag Training.
Depending on your Ski School/Club activities/operations, coverage can include:
Nordic Ski Instruction
Alpine, Nordic and Freestyle Ski Races & Competitions
Ski / Snowboard Camps
Inverted Aerials Instruction (USSA Certified Coach Supervised Training)
Big Mountain Program
Dryland training (including supervised weight training)
Airbag Aerial Training
Additional Instruction Location (at a different mountain)
STANDARD Policy Coverage(s), Limits and Requirements:
Participant Accident Protection Program
Maximum Medical Expense Benefit
Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
Deductible Amount per claim
52 Week Benefit Period
Excess Coverage
General Liability Limits per Ski School / Club (No Shared Limits)
Each Occurrence
General Aggregate
Personal & Advertizing Injury
Products - Completed operations aggregate
Fire Damage (any one fire)
Abuse and Molestation Aggregate (included in premium)
Abuse and Molestation Each Occurrence (included in premium)
Medical Expenses (any one person)
Deductible Amount per claim
Includes Athletic Participants
Occurrence Form Policy
This insurance program is written on a master policy basis. Each member is named to the master policy on an individual basis with their own liability limits.
Coverage is provided up to $5,000,000 per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of $6,000,000. The primary General Liability per occurrence amount is $1,000,000 with a $2,000,000 aggregate along with Excess Liability coverage of $4,000,000 per occurrence with a general aggregate amount of $4,000,000.
Coverage Requirements
Waiver & Release System
The General Liability policy requires that the insured must maintain a system to regularly secure signed Waiver and Release forms from participants. The Waiver/Liability release forms should meet all current paper and or e-waiver state requirements. For minor participants, these waiver/release forms should be signed by a parent or guardian. Unintentional error on your part in securing Waiver and Release forms will not void your coverage in the event of a claim by a participant; however, your failure to maintain an adequate system to regularly secure Waiver and Release forms will void your coverage in the event of a claim. For your protection we recommend having your waiver prepared /approved by your legal council as waivers are state specific.
Optional Additional Coverage(s) (typically available)
Abuse / Molestation Liability Coverage /
Abuse, Molestation, Harassment or Sexual Conduct Defense Cost Reimbursement Coverage
This endorsement covers the legal cost to defend against the accusation of Abuse or molestation against a member of your organization.
$50,000 Per Occurrence / $100,000 Aggregate INCLUDED (in program package)
Higher Limits Available upon Request for additional premium
Coverage Limits: $100,000 Per Occurrence / $500,000 Aggregate
Coverage Limits: $500,000 Per Occurrence / $1,000,000 Aggregate
Coverage Limits: $1,000,000 Per Occurrence / $1,000,000 Aggregate
Background checks required.
Program Features
Owners of premises and financial sponsors may be named as additional insureds for claims arising out of your operations. There is no additional premium charge or fees for certificates of insurance evidencing this coverage.
Notable Exclusions
War, Terrorism, Assault & Battery, Asbestos, Nuclear Energy, Total Pollution, Fungi or Bacteria, Aircraft or Watercraft, Employment Related Practices, Communicable Disease (Hepatitis, TSE, HIV, HTLV, or AIDS) Collapse of Temporary Structure, Lead Liability, Rock Climbing, Road and Mountain Bike Races, Professional Liability, Suits brought outside USA or Canada.
Standard Exclusions Also Apply