SportsInsurance.com & SportUnderwriters.com: Fully Integrated Insurtech Solutions

Some 25 years ago a couple of experienced general insurance brokers followed their passion for all things sports to explore two BIG ideas: 1) a fully automated, online insurance platform and 2) a means to super serve a gap in the insurance industry for sports insurance and special events coverage. And so it began, the development of an online platform exclusively targeting sports and special events insurance. The original ambition: less paperwork for agents, more time for playing sports. That simple. Flash forward. 

Today, our experienced team is laser-focused on expanding the specialty market that is sports insurance that also includes fully integrated solutions for special events, facilities, and entertainment insurance. Our customer service team has benefitted from years of listening to and collaborating with customers and broker/agents on their particular needs, concerns and suggestions. By systematically sharing and testing this feedback with our IT team, we have elevated the capacity of our platforms to include them all. To what end? To provide the single greatest advantage of the sportsinsurance.com platform to our customers: online facilitated purchases. And for brokers/agents, the sportunderwriters.com platform provides them with the unique ability to build their own online business, all online and paperless. Once registered, brokers/agents can forward all applications to their clients to complete; consult with their clients on their applications when necessary; submit for quote and review, bind, save and manage all their files, all while owning every client contact themselves with no third party involvement, completely paperless. 

As sports insurance providers, sportsinsurance.com and sportunderwriters.com continue to attract to its team tech savvy employees and importantly, innovative entrepreneurial software engineers. Safe to say that two decades of work and play has definitively answered the original burning question: what can we do to 1) facilitate online customer insurance needs, 2) improve the work/life of broker/agents, and 3) streamline all aspects of broker operations. 

Our goal was to build A World of Sports; One Place for Insurance, all online and paperless. Powered by The Aurelius System, sportsinsurance.com and sportunderwriters.com continue to pursue growth in our insurance product offerings, innovation in user experience, and refinement in the proprietary platform that underpins them both, The Aurelius System.